In our everyday working environment we may come across employees who seem to sustain one injury after another. These employees are easily noticeable because they are the finishers of the band aids. They hardly go through a period without sustaining some sort of injury. We usually refer to these employees as people with ‘accident prone’ personality or accident-prone for short.

Accident proneness is a controversial subject with some safety experts associating it with certain individual traits like chronic anger, over confidence, aggressiveness etc. This, notwithstanding, there are some factors that make all of us prone to accidents in our working environment;

1. Misperception of risk. Many employees either underestimate risky situations or overestimate their ability to confront risk so much so that they disregard safety procedures at work. These employees usually end up being overwhelmed by incidence that leads to serious injury or property loss. As long as certain employees feel invulnerable to risk, they would continue to take most risk that would endanger their working conditions

2. Fatigue. Some workers due to their nature of duties have to work longer period than others. Also, increasing workloads usually force workers to work lots of overtime that make them exhausted. Employees working under exhaustion are likely to be injury prone than their counterparts who are working a normal schedule

3. Working without Complete instruction. Before an employee set off to begin a task, they should be armed with all the necessary instructions needed to complete the task safely. Employees who are not well informed and not well trained for a particular job should not be made to take on a task since it exposes them to all the dangers associated with such job. The likelihood of such employee being injured becomes very high.

4. Alcohol usage whiles at work. Employees who work whiles under the influence of alcohol are highly prone to falls, cuts and burns. Alcohol affects our balance and sense of judgement and should be avoided at all cost in our working environment.

5. Unsafe working environment. Employers are to ensure that a safe working environment is provided at all times for employees. All hazards in our working environment should properly be identified and removed. As employees, not all factors are directly in our control. It is the duty of employers to provide safe working machinery and run a proper safety programmes to ensure employees are well informed for their respective works

Accidents can be prevented from occurring if we put in place the right measures. When the measures to prevent accidents are in place but you still experience a repetition of accidents, then it‘s about time you begin to assess yourself considering the factors discussed above.


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